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Meet with our team and discover the remarkable individuals behind our success story.

Michael Marchese

Founder and CEO

As the Founder & CEO of Augmented Experts and Tempesta Media, Mr. Marchese is responsible for corporate strategy and executive team leadership.

Michael possesses deep entrepreneurial and managerial expertise, having founded the award-winning Tempesta Media, and has worked in leading positions at renowned companies.

Over the past 25 years, Michael has become a recognized leader in the MarTech Industry. He has served on numerous committees for the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization, the Mobile Marketing Association, Interactive Advertising Bureau and more.

Michael is a Founder of the SEO and Content Marketing Executives of the United States, an invitation-only group about executive-level digital marketing strategy. With Mr. Marchese’s management experience and industry insights, he and his team are poised to connect industry experts and businesses to create the next level content.

Alina Sokur

Strategic Partner Manager

Alina Sokur is an accomplished Strategic Partner Manager with a primary focus on demand generation, affiliate marketing partnerships, and driving entry-level solution sales. Her expertise is bolstered by several years of experience in SaaS and sales environments. Alina holds a Master’s degree in International Relations and Affairs from the University of Warsaw, and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Carlos III in Madrid.

Renowned for her linguistic prowess, Alina is fluent in six languages, a skill that has greatly aided her in her professional and personal endeavors. This fluency has enabled her to traverse over 40 countries, enriching her global perspective and enhancing her ability to forge strong international partnerships.

Igor Priakhin

Head of Engineering Team

Igor, a highly skilled web developer with over 17 years of experience, has worked on projects of all sizes, from small widgets to large-scale projects, solving seemingly impossible problems.

In addition to programming, Igor takes pleasure in collecting rare stamps and silver coins dedicated to the Olympic Games. A passionate traveler, he loves to explore new places and countries. A fan of Georgian and Indian cuisine, he enjoys its rich taste.

Away from the world of code, Igor delights in the liberating thrill of riding a motorcycle, combining his technical enthusiasm with his adventurous soul.

Alyona Petrova

UI/UX Designer

Alyona has extensive experience collaborating with clients worldwide as a seasoned UI/UX designer. With a solid background in graphic and web design, she skillfully integrates her unique approach into each project.

Previously, Alyona worked at Forbes – one of the largest media companies, in the Forbes Advisor division. As a web designer, she handled various tasks, from improving user experience to enhancing the visual aspects of digital platforms.

Beyond her immersion in design, you can find her engaged in yoga or savoring cocoa while engrossed in an enthralling book. Passionate about travel, she delights in meeting new people. Her dedication is an ongoing pursuit to refine both her creative and interpersonal abilities.

Sasha Hanzha

Marketing and PR manager

Sasha is a seasoned communications professional with a rich background in data-driven brand marketing. Over the past few years, Sasha has amassed a wealth of experience working with Ukraine’s most awarded advertising agency, collaborating on projects for both public entities (including the Ministry of International Affairs) and private communications within a global tech company.

In her role as the Global PR Manager at Ukraine’s tech powerhouse, Genesis, she led the charge on top-rated viral brand campaigns. Notably, one of her campaigns generated over a million impressions. Sasha’s expertise extended beyond campaign management to encompass media relations and the podcast industry, resulting in high-profile coverage in renowned media outlets such as The Guardian and Daily Mail.

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