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Augmented Experts helps companies scale their content marketing programs by connecting top industry experts in the US with brands, optimizing every aspect of content marketing with cutting-edge AI technology.

We connect top industry experts and brands together to create content that resonates with B2B audiences and achieves results for companies.

What Problem are You Solving?

Businesses are struggling with scaling up their content marketing programs without sacrificing quality. They have internal subject matter experts, but their bandwidth and capacity to create in-depth and knowledgeable content is limited.

To rapidly increase and scale expert-level content production, without sacrificing quality or breaking the bank businesses have been limited to two approaches:

This approach to content creation is entirely conceived, written, and edited by humans. The content can be great, but the process has its limitations:
Automated content creation, like content spinning and private label rights, by machines or artificial intelligence, generates ample content but also poses several problems.

Our Mission

Augmented Experts mission is to make your content marketing more effective by combining what humans can do – life experiences, deep industry expertise, social trust, and creativity – with the best of AI – research, plagiarism detection, style guide adherence, spelling, and grammar.

Augmenting the best of industry experts with the best of technology = Augmented Experts.

As a division of Tempesta Media, leaders in content marketing, we can leverage the power and experience of our parent company. Augmented Experts is powered by our award-winning technology, Coreform™. It has been built over the past 13+ years and has been used to create over 80,000 articles for more than 400 companies. Powered by a 1 million lines of code, Coreform™, elevates content to unprecedented levels.

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