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Earn a lucrative 6% of your referrals’ total spend. The more they engage, the more you earn, up to $5,000 each in total spend.

What is an Affiliate Program?

When you, as a business or an individual, endorse Augmented Experts on your social media or blog using your affiliate link and someone makes a purchase, you’ll earn a commission on every purchase they make. This creates a win-win situation for everyone involved!

Why Partner With Us?

High payouts

Acknowledge and appreciate your hard work with our punctual and rewarding high payouts.

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Amplify your campaign impact and earnings with our tools and expert guidance.

Help & support

Accessibility is key; our team is always ready to assist you whenever needed.

Steps to Join

Join our affiliate program in 3 simple steps.

1. Get referral link.​

Sign in to Augmented Experts and follow the instructions to get your referral link.

2. Invite your network.

Share the link with potential experts who will sign up for Augmented Experts.

3. Get hard cash.

Earn 6% of your referrals’ spending, up to $5,000 each as they engage more.

Become an Affiliate Partner

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Affiliate Program FAQ

Augmented Experts connects industry experts with brands. Industry professionals showcase their expertise and connect with brands seeking deep industry knowledge. Experts review and edit content, adding their valuable insights, perspectives and real-world anecdotes. Experts make the content engaging and actionable to readers.

This collaboration not only allows industry experts to monetize their knowledge but also enhances their personal brand and broadens their professional network. Augmented Experts fosters a dynamic environment for growth and engagement in various industries.

The content you review, and your input is collectively owned by the client commissioning the content. However, you will be credited for your contributions in the form of a byline. You may share a link to the website where the content is published.

Bear in mind that you are working on a “work-for-hire” basis and relinquish all rights and title to the content, in exchange for the compensation that you receive. Please refer to our terms of service for detailed information on content ownership and your rights and obligations.

All personal information and data provided to Augmented Experts is stored securely and used only to help deliver the service to you, other industry experts, our customers and other partners and vendors, who help us to deliver the service. An example is the processing of your payments. This is done through our partner, Stripe. We comply with all relevant data protection laws and regulations, as applicable to Augmented Experts and Tempesta Media, LLC (our company).

The payment you receive as an expert depends on the rate you set in your profile. This flexible pricing allows you to determine your own value based on your expertise and the nature of the services you provide. Just remember, if you set your rate too high, customers may select other experts in your industry who have a more reasonable pay rate.

As an expert, your primary responsibility is to review content provided to you. Based on your expertise, you should ensure that the information is correct and makes sense to someone from your industry. In addition, you need to add your personal experiences, actionable insights, real-world anecdotes and additional detail such that the content truly reflects your expertise.

We expect most experts to spend approximately an hour of their time reviewing and improving content. You should set your desired pay rate based on this expectation.

Only accept assignments in which you are truly an expert and can add value to the article. Most important, make sure that you can complete it by the declared deadline.

All orders will have specific deadlines. These deadlines will be clearly communicated as part of the assignment invitation. If you choose to accept the assignment, do so knowing when you need to turn it in. Most industry experts accept the assignment and immediately get to work completing it.

Yes, you have the freedom to select the assignments which you want to accept. You will be able to choose those that best match your industry expertise.

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