At every innovative company, brilliant people come together and tirelessly work to make something better than themselves.
All of our team members have these common traits and values:

Honesty, Ethics and Integrity

Whether you’re working with Augmented Experts or Tempesta Media, the same goes for both: “Do the right thing, no matter how hard or the cost.”

Always Learning

We are on the cutting edge of extraordinary civilizational changes. Our team is driven to learn and quickly apply their knowledge to making changes for the better.

Proactive and Taking the Initiative

Our team proactively gets its work done, anticipates future needs, and steps up to help the company move forward.

Personally, and Professionally Driven to Succeed

As a 100% remote company, you must have boundless drive and discipline to get up every day and push forward.

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If you’re looking for a stimulating environment in an innovative company coupled with career growth opportunities and a culture centered around people, then this is the ideal place for you.

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