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Augmented Experts is the first AI-driven B2B content development platform enabling brands to optimize their content marketing by collaborating with leading US industry experts to create breakthrough SEO-optimized bylined or ghostwritten content. 

Our mission

Our mission is to make your content marketing more effective by combining the best of what humans can do – life experiences, deep industry expertise, social trust, and creativity – with the best of AI – research, plagiarism detection, style guide adherence, spelling, grammar.

“Traditionally, there were two content marketing schools: purists and automators. Purists believe all content should be wholly conceived, written, and edited by humans. Automators – that the very same content should be done entirely by machines (or, today, artificial intelligence).

This concept was one of Tempesta Media’s founding principles and is now the foundation of
Augmented Experts.”

Mr. Michael Marchese

Founder & CEO of Augmented Experts and Tempesta Media

As a division of Tempesta Media, leaders in content marketing, we can leverage the power and experience of our parent company. Augmented Experts is powered by our award-winning technology, Coreform™. It has been built over the past 13+ years and has been used to create over 80,000 articles for more than 400 companies. Powered by a 1 million lines of code, Coreform™, elevates content to unprecedented levels.

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Why Brands Choose Augmented Experts

Why Experts Choose Augmented Experts

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Founder & CEO

Michael Marchese

Founder & CEO of Augmented Experts and Tempesta Media  

Mr. Marchese is responsible for corporate strategy and executive team leadership. Michael has deep entrepreneurial and managerial expertise, founded the award-winning Tempesta Media, and has worked in leading positions at renowned companies.

Over the past 25 years, Michael has become a recognized leader in the MarTech Industry. He has served on numerous committees for the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization, the Mobile Marketing Association, the Interactive Advertising Bureau, and more.

Michael is a Founder of the SEO and Content Marketing Executives of the United States, an invitation-only group about executive-level digital marketing strategy. With Mr. Marchese’s management experience and industry insights, he and his team are poised to connect industry experts and businesses to create the next-level content.

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